Certified Web Designer

DI Design

At Dealer Inspire (DI), I worked on various projects. These projects were for various brands of car dealerships. From building sites for Ford, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, CDJR, to Toyota. Every project had its own challenges.


MCC – UX Design

In UX course, I mostly did usability testing for assignments (website version of apps or mobile version of apps) that were already completed by students


MCC – UI Design

For my UI class we used FIGMA to create our designs. I created different versions of apps, form labs, match-3 game, re-designed existing apps and much more.


Personas & Posters


Hi! I am Aelia Bano. I also go by Aelia Bantia. I am a certified Web Designer from McHenry County College. I have worked on UX / UI, Figma, Sketch, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Adobe, and much more. I have a passion for designing beautiful and functional user-friendly websites. I enjoy and love what I do, and I make the most of it.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Aelia Bano
Certified Web Designer


Academic awards and achievements

28 April 2022

Was nominated for company wide performance awards.

21 December 2020

Was called out by the VP of Production team, in the team channel for working through new GM projects.

21 July 2020

Got called out in the production team meeting, for pitching in for helping the support team. Got the HULK GSD award!

Jan 2019 - Till Date

Always get appreciated and recognized by the team supervisor for maintaining the lowest jira count.